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Decorative sheep sculptures – Set of 4


Handmade ceramic decorative sheep sculptures

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Meet the family, these handmade, decorative sheep sculptures are named Puffy, Fluffy, Happy & Flappy. Each one is completely unique. Puffy has a bird on his bottom, Fluffy has a ladybird on hers and Happy has a red bow on top of her head. They all have a name tag around their necks with their name and my maker’s mark stamp on the other side. They will be fun to put on display around the house. Children will love them.

They have been hand built by the pinching method from white earthenware clay in my studio in Córdoba, Spain.

Their fleeces have been hand painted with black underglaze and they have then been put through their first firing. Afterwards, they have been glazed with a brush-on transparent glaze and put through their second firing at cone 04 (1060 °C).

All of my glazes are lead-free and food safe.

Puffy measures approximately 9 cm tall by 9 cm wide.

Fluffy measures approximately 7 cm tall by 5 cm wide

Happy & Flappy measure approximately 4 cm by 2,5 cm.

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