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Hand Thrown Glazed Stoneware

Monika Hanulikova / Hand Thrown Glazed Stoneware


Hand Thrown Glazed Stoneware

Working on the wheel and feeling the clay pass through my fingers is truly an amazing feeling, one that makes me grateful to be allowed to do what I do for a living.

Each piece is lovingly made on the wheel from a white stoneware body and decorated with one of my designs at the leather hard stage. Once bisque fired, an iron oxide wash is applied to the surface to enhance the designs, which are finished with simple matt glazes before firing to high temperature in my electric kiln.

My main focus is on producing a range of original but functional tableware, forming a part of people´s everyday routine.

I like each of my pieces to have its own character. No two pieces are ever exactly the same!


January 1, 2024


Concept, Ideas