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Hand Painted Dishes

Monika Hanulikova / Hand Painted Dishes

Decorative Wares

Hand Painted Dishes

When I want to take a break from working on my stoneware range, I switch to making earthenware pots. Here is where I really let my imagination go wild and create anything from decorative, hand built pieces, animal sculptures, to fully functional pieces thrown on the wheel. Some of them are hand painted with coloured slips and underglazes whilst others have textured surfaces.

Living in Andalucia and seeing so many amazing buildings and patios decorated with their typical tiles and plates has encouraged me to design my own versions. Some in traditional cobalt blue and some in my signature black and white. My inspiration is nature – animals, plants and birds – and many of my designs are influenced by the intricate beauty of traditional Native American ceramics.

As my work continuously adapts and evolves, slowly, other colours have brought some of my creations to life, gradually changing my monochrome world to one of multicolours.


January 1, 2024


Creative, Modern