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Black and white bottle vase, decorated with sgraffito leaves


Black and white ceramic bottle shape vase decorated with sgraffito leaves.

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An eye-catching, black and white, wide belly vase. This piece was decorated with my original leaf design using the sgraffito technique. This piece would look stunning with fresh or dried flower arrangements, on its own, or with a combination of other sgraffito pots.

It has been handmade on the potter’s wheel from white earthenware clay in my studio in Córdoba, Spain.

When the pot is leather hard, I paint a layer of black underglaze on the pot’s belly and then scratch (sgraffito) my design into the underglaze, revealing the contrasting white clay underneath. Once dry, the pot is put through its first firing, and once it has been glazed with a transparent glaze, it is put through its second firing at cone 04 (1060 °C).

All of my pieces are handmade originals, and as a result, the shapes and designs will vary slightly.

My glazes are lead-free and food safe.

It is approximately 9.5 cm tall.

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Weight 0,400 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 cm